Walking With God – Part 3

Walking With God – Part 3

-by André Bronkhorst

I’d like to share a personal testimony about how God uses a prophetic message to awaken the things that are asleep in our lives. When my son turned one, I had the desire to do something very special for him. I decided to build him a treehouse! This was to be no ordinary treehouse. I wanted my child to think it was amazing! Without really measuring, the result was a 14m high,three-story tree ‘mansion’. It was way bigger than I’d initially thought. Then one day, with great excitement, I placed him on the first floor – but the result was unexpected. He looked at me and was completely terrified! He had no idea what it was nearly started to cry.

That’s when the Lord spoke to me and said: “Andre, there are things that I’m preparing for you, that if I had to show them to you right now, you would be terrified of them. Right now, your mind does not yet have the capacity to receive these things.” As a father, my purpose in building it was never to harm him, I wanted to bless him. However, the problem was not with the blessing, but with the blessed. His mind was holding him back from enjoying what I’d prepared for him – he first had to mature… See, many times our way of thinking can delay the manifestation of what God has for us. Is God waiting for you to mature or for you to realize that you have the capacity to receive what He already has for you? What has He prepared you for, but your thinking is holding you back? Right now, God is preparing something for you. Don’t let your mind tell you that you’re not ready if your Father believes you can do it. Trust Him, He is a good Father.

JOY! Magazine ( October 2017)

Author: Arend Botha

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