Walking With God – Part 2

Walking With God – Part 2


– by André Bronkhorst

In Walking with God – Part 1 we established that ministry doesn’t flow from gifting but from a relationship with God. I emphasized that the main purpose of a New Testament prophet is to strengthen your relationship with the Lord and to support what God has placed in you. As a prophetic minister, I look back at my life and don’t necessarily remember all the great messages I’ve heard. The things I do remember though, are the encounters I had with God – the moments that He spoke to me directly. Those moments are important and they are the things that keep me going. People have prophesied a lot of things over my life in the years, but it’s something different when the Holy Spirit ministers to me directly.

It’s the purest form of ministry and we have to desire that! We travel all over, teaching and training prophets and helping to restore pastor/prophet relationships on how they can function together in the now. Looking at the Biblical standard for prophetic ministry, it’s important to know that there is a difference between prophetic gifting and the prophetic office, with the major difference being responsibility and integrity. In short, through operating with prophetic gifting, one might give a natural (yet Biblical) encouragement to someone in any situation. The person operating in the prophetic office, however, will address the situation supernaturally, acting as God’s mouthpiece in that specific moment. Through them, God often calls things into existence that are maybe unseen in the natural at the time. Anyone with prophetic gifting can prophesy, but not everyone is called to the prophetic office. Every now and then God will put a person or prophet in your life that will call the unseen. Don’t be too quick to reject it.

JOY! Magazine (September 2017)

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