The Role Of A Prophet

The Role Of A Prophet

There are so many controversies today concerning Old and New Testament prophets; New Testament prophets functioning with Old Testament mindsets dictating to the children of the Lord instead of building, comforting, and encouraging them in their walk with the Lord. The Lord is calling everyone to a deeper relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. There is an open invitation to everyone. God is not looking for another mediator, He has sent His Holy Spirit, therefore the main purpose of New Testament prophets are to strengthen our relationship with the Lord.

We seem to have more false prophets walking the earth today than ever before; yet we have real prophets that the Lord has called and raised up for this generation functioning with His heartbeat and ready with a word to sustain the weary.  My belief is the future of the global Church is to have the entire five fold ministry functioning within the local Church under the governing authority of the pastor or apostle. I am urging those who are prophetic or called to be prophets to be connected within a local church. It is clear in the Scriptures that our spiritual families are often more important to the Lord than our physical families. We spend birthdays, vacations, and celebrations with family and will go through tremendous effort to be there yet we are not as committed to our spiritual brothers and sisters. May the blessings of Christ be on you and your family this holiday season!

JOY! Magazine (December 2016)

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